Motivation, Pt. 3

“It’s not a dream if you can do it.” –Seth Godin

It’s a lovely Friday evening in New York City and, as I haven’t written in a while, it struck me as an opportune time to write a quick one after reading this wonderful piece by the brilliant Seth Godin, titled “Choosing to be formidable.”

It is a brief read, but it’s surely a nominee for post of the year.  Its succinct formidability is unprecedented in electrifying readers when considering the key qualities which constitute human capital at its finest.

My first thought upon reading the piece was how blessed I’ve been to meet so many people who epitomize formidability.  These folks motivate me every day to be the best that I can be and instill the optimism in me that makes me truly believe that we as a people can continue to thrive in the 21st century and beyond, despite the inevitable challenges that will arise along the way.

Formidable folks are all around us and, just because I’ve been fortunate enough to already meet so many great people over the course of my life, I know there are countless more I’ve yet to have the pleasure to encounter.  It is the brilliance of these wonderful people that allows me to sincerely believe that our best days are ahead of us.

Although current challenges make the priority of harnessing that human capital more important than ever to ensure that we can all not just survive, but thrive, the real challenge for all of us would be if there weren’t so much formidability all around every one of us.

I do my best to learn from the formidable folks I have met and will meet, and I encourage others to consider how many formidable people they may know.  And, for those who do not feel they have met as many formidable folks as they would like, I might suggest tapping some of the countless outlets that provide direct connection to the electrifying minds that serve as the intellectual engines to move our existence forward.

For me, Twitter has been a priceless place to engage with some of the world’s greatest minds, but there are many others as well.  I am forever grateful for meeting so many formidable people who possess the skill and care described in the article necessary to notice that “magic” is about to happen.

So when anyone asks where will we find the magical minds that will fuel the future, Godin’s awesome article appears to allow that answer to pop right to mind – it is us.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend