Turning 33 – Much Love in the Heart of the City

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

–Ben Franklin, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence

When I was younger a friend of mine was asked by a reporter whether his birthday changed the feeling he had about a great game he just played.  His answer always stuck with me.  He essentially said that it was all good, as he viewed every day as being like his birthday.  What a great response!

But as I sit here on this relaxing summer morning, it is hard not to reminisce about another interesting year gone by.  It was truly a fortunate one filled with friends, family, and even more fortuitousness than usual.

On a more specific level there were little tidbits I noticed that, looking back, surprised me as to the power of some seemingly-small gestures.  For instance, the power of smiles, compliments, and hugs (or the contextual equivalent).

To run into someone I may not have seen for a while and receive a hello smile was warmer than I remembered.  To receive a generous compliment from one I respected greatly was truly inspiring.   To get a quick hug from an old friend when running into them for the first time in a while was sincerely enjoyable.

So, perhaps I might recommend that folks consider doing a small gesture today if the situation presents itself.  Maybe one might consider sharing a smile – the other person may not have seen one in a while.  Perhaps people might consider paying others a compliment – the recipient may have not heard one in a bit.  Maybe folks would even consider giving a friend a hug – okay, I realize that might be asking a bit too much!

Many thanks to the multitude of people who helped make this another wonderful year.  I look forward to many more.

Hope everyone’s having a solid weekend.  Much Love.