Motivation, Pt. 2

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” –Plato h/t @neuroticlawstu

Last Friday, I discussed my motivation as to why I write (and pretty much why I give a lot of the effort I do in general).  I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by many great folks and blessed with having access to many valuable resources over the course of my life.

Motivation is a crucial issue, as ultimately it drives many folks’ behavior.  Economists may call it incentives, but it is what it is.  We are all motivated by one issue or another.

I am very thankful that my initial attempts at writing about a variety of issues (primarily tax reform) have led to getting some extremely helpful feedback from many generous people.  Some I’ve known for a long time, others I’ve met through twitter, and all have been kind enough to share their valuable insights with me.  It would take too long to thank everyone, but please know that each and every kind word I have received is greatly appreciated.

But, when it comes to motivation, often we, as humans, need to bounce back from the inevitable difficulties that life throws at us.

You are only as good as the worst misfortune from which you managed to bounce back.” —@nntaleb h/t @rinaldi224

I would like to leave you with two examples, both provided by @reformedbroker, one referring to himself and, as is often the case, one referring to someone else.  He often shares great stories about others, in addition to providing an unprecedented honesty when speaking about himself. (I have also included some relevant links at the end of this post from the extremely-candid @jaltucher – another fave read of mine)

First, in honor of the recent success of Iron Man 3, here’s his discussion on the impressive resurgence of the man behind the mask: How to Become Iron Man

Here’s a personal fave snippet from the piece:

“I love these types of stories because they remind us what’s possible when luck meets preparation and a frustrated existence gives way to destiny…

…Given the state of his personal life, health and career just ten years ago, this has been quite a remarkable turn of events. Very cool to witness.”

Next, in what is currently my leading nominee for post of the year, he explains his own personal resurgence over the past 5 years: A Million Miles Away

Here’s a solid sampling from the top-notch post:

“It is the fall of 2008 – I have a blog no one is reading, I offer a service no one needs and I have no idea what will become of my young family or my life should things get any worse…

…And now that I realize this, all of the anger and regrets and frustrations of the past start to fade. I’m a million miles away…”

For anyone looking for some inspiration, I hope this post provides it for you.

For everyone else, I hope you enjoyed it as well, and that you all have a wonderful weekend.  Much love.

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