Related Follow-Up: Are Seculars Inherently Cyclical?

In my discussion on secular bull and bear stock markets, I imply that there is a cyclicality inherent in progressing from one to the other.

However this comment is meant to point out that I do feel it is important that folks feel some sense of urgency to address our current economic issues:

“The economic issue of fixing the structural problems in the economy is, ultimately, the key issue for fueling future sustained stock price prosperity.”

Although I do feel we have the human capital in the domestic environment to make the necessary adjustments to continue moving forward in a prosperous fashion, I do not think optimal efficiency is currently being incorporated in execution.

Economics is the study of scarce resources.  It demands prioritization. A lack of doing so can impede the improvement of an economy from justifying the complementary positive of a thriving stock market on a secular basis.

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